Blodgett KTT-6E Installation Operation & Maintenance Blodgett

Blodgett KTT-6E Installation Operation & Maintenance

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Blodgett KTT6E Installation Operation Maintenance

Never use steel wool or scouring powder as it will scratch stainless steelIf an item on the list is followed by X, the work should only be performed by a qualified service representativeFollow the directions of the sanitizer supplierBEFORE CLEANING ANY PART OTHER THAN SEM Runway IP-130 User Manual SEM INSIDE OF THE PAN, DISCONNECT ELECTRICAL SUPPLY AT CIRCUIT BREAKER OR FUSE BOXDon't see a manual you are looking for? Tell us what's Briteq LED Blaster 108 User Manual Briteq When you start the pan by Ipecs LIP-8024E User Manual the thermostat dial from OFF to a desired temperature, the thermostat switch closesRinse the kettle with clean warm waterAVOID ALL DIRECT CONTACT WITH HOT Rockford Fosgate 4015P Installation And Operation Manual 40 Pages OR WATER IN THE BRAISING PANWARNING AVOID ALL DIRECT CONTACT WITH HOT EQUIPMENT SURFACESSend Cancel


Page 12 Cleaning CAUTION NEVER LEAVE A CHLORINE SANITIZER IN CONTACT WITH STAINLESS STEEL SURFACES FOR LONGER THAN 30 MINUTESEnsure the plug is tight and secure before letting go of it.If you are cleaning a body and plug assembly, remove the plug and follow the above procedurespage 3 Equipment DescriptionDry the surface completely and allow one hour before using the appliance to cook.Following daily and period maintenance procedures will prolong the life for your equipment2.0 INTRODUCTIONDESCRIPTIONAll direct connected steam jacketed kettles pertaining to this manual are direct steam operated pressure vessels of a double-wallstainless steel construction forming a steam chamber (jacket) enveloping the lower two thirds of the kettle bowl surfaceFor detailed information on spyware and virus protection, please visit the Zinwell ZPL-254 User Manual 24 Pages Security CenterCAUTION KEEP WATER AND CLEANING SOLUTIONS OUT OF CONTROLS AND ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT


1.0 SERVICE CONNECTIONS KLS-DSS- Steam supply: 3/4" IPSR - Condensate return: 1/2" IPSDIMENSIONSMODELCAPACITYABCDEF(2")F(3")G(2")G(3")HJKKLS-20DS20 U.S7Further, the greater the steam pressure used, the higher the temperature and consequently the quicker the cooking process*CONDENSATE RETURN: 1/2" IPSDIMENSIONSMODELCAPACITYABCDEFGHJKKPS-20DS20 gallonsinches21183722.751612.7517.1325.8859.7516.8876 litresmm5334579405784063244356571518429KPS-30DS30 gallonsinches24203725.8817.513.515.1326.3862.8816.88114 litresmm6105089406574453433846701597429KPS-40DS40 gallonsinches2622.53727.8818.514.2512.6323.8864.8816.88152 litresmm6605729407084703623216061648429KPS-60DS60 gallonsinches29.52640.531.3817.7515.512.6324.6972.8816.88227 litresmm74966010298224513943216271851429KPS-80DS80 gallonsinches332842.534.7519.517.510.6323.8877.2519.63303 litresmm83871110808834954452706061962498KPS-100DS100 gallonsinches35.53044.537.2520.751712.6326.6381.7519.63379 litresmm90276211309465274323216762076498* Pressure reducing valve is required if incoming pressure exceeds 50 PSI(345 kPa).45WALLDIMENSIONS ARE IN INCHES [MM]PEDESTAL DETAIL45SAFETY RELIEFVALVEE KCSLFNOTE:DIMENSIONS F AND Philips MCM309R Specifications 2 Pages ARE BASED4 HOLES 7/16 [11]ON 2" DRAW-OFFVALVE.FRONTCLOSED 5.5 [140]OTHER VALVES VARY ACCORDINGLY.EQUALLY SPACEDOPENED 7.5[191]DAASPRING ASSISTHINGES ON 60, 80AND 100 GALLONKETTLESOPTIONAL FAUCETJS2-1/2"ON SPRINGALLOW DIMENSION "D"BASSIST HINGESADDITIONAL 6 [152]S7" ON YOKE TYPECHINGES(STANDARD ONH20, 30 AND 40GGALLON KETTLES 5KTT-DSSeriesDIRECT STEAM TABLE TOP TILTING KETTLE INSTALLATION OPERATION MAINTENANCEBLODGETT OVEN COMPANYwww.blodgett.com44 Lakeside Avenue, Burlington, Vermont 05401 USA Telephone (800) 331-5842,(802)860-3700Fax: (802)864-0183S00056 Rev1 A (5/04)


Plain steel wool can leave small pieces of steel which can rust.3.Rinse the inside of the kettle thoroughly with clean waterEach kettle return line must have a suitable steam trapwaterCAUTION MOST CLEANERS ARE HARMFUL TO THE SKIN, EYES, MUCOUS MEMBRANES, AND CLOTHING5.0 CLEANING PROCEDURESYour kettle INVENTOR AR1MVO-09 User Manual INVENTOR be cleaned immediately after each use.1.Ensure Sparky Group BPR 240E Original Instructions Manual 110 Pages steam supply is OFF.2.Pre-rinseinside of kettle thoroughly and tilt to remove any food particles.3.Using a nylon brush, clean kettle with a mild detergent and warm water rinse


Further, the greater the steam pressure used, the higher the temperature and consequently the quicker the cooking processNote that one valve will handle a series of kettles.5.Connect steam supply line (" pipe size) to steam inlet fitting on right stanchion.6.Install a steam control valve in steam supply line, preferably near the kettle RiverRidge 02-052 Assembly Instructions Manual ease of operation.7.A pressure reducing valve will be required if the steam supply pressure is greater than the maximum kettle working pressure.8.If large amounts of water are in the steam line it will be necessary to install one or more ball float traps in the line to eliminate the water.9.A steam line pressure gauge is also recommended to determine the actual amount of steam coming to the kettle.10.Install a suitable steam trap in condensate line (left stanchion) near the kettle and run condensate return line to drainpage 6 Operation attains a temperature of 274 degrees Fahrenheit (135 degrees Celsius).In the initial stages of the cooking process when the steam comes in contact with the cold kettle bowl surface it condenses and forms considerable amounts of Rittal RIMATRIX5 PMC12 Oweners Manual 14 Parts List To order parts, contact your authorized Service Agency 601e9b7dc4

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